Atomic Heart VDNH Door Code: How To Find The Code

2023-04-06 23:36:32 By : Ms. Alice Li

The Atomic Heart VDNH door code can be very easy to miss, causing you to miss out on some valuable loot before venturing into this key story location, where you'll do plenty of fighting. 

In all of Atomic Heart's key locations, there are side paths where you can grab different collectibles or find resources for crafting, meaning sometimes it's worth it to take the time to explore. Some of these come in the form of locked doors, which require specific codes to open.  3d Printing Film A4

Atomic Heart VDNH Door Code: How To Find The Code

So, if you need an explainer of how to find the Atomic Heart VDNH door code, read below.

When you enter the VDNH building in Atomic Heart, after taking a left and following the corridor, you'll come to a door with a lock on the outside and an interface with various buttons. There's no obvious solution to this from in the hall, and unlike the first locked door like this you will have come across, this one is optional, so there's no trusty marker to rely on this time.

However, finding the code is incredibly simple. Head through the door opposite the locked door, and into a room with a dead body on your left and a computer terminal on the right. Behind the computer terminal, you can find the code scribbled on a blackboard, giving you the solution to open the door.

If you don't quite know how these codes work still (frank they are confusing, so we understand), follow the above picture which shows you the number order to press the buttons in. 

Once you gain access to the room, to the right there is a chest with a random assortment of loot in it, and on top of the display near the glass, you can pick up a Chirper audio log if you're trying to collect them all.

That's all for our primer on how to find the Atomic Heart VDNH door code, and now you know how to enter the room and collect what is inside.

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Atomic Heart VDNH Door Code: How To Find The Code

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